The Leadership Huntington Foundation has had the pleasure to work with John Coraor over the past three years to create an outstanding Arts and Culture workshop for our program.  John developed exercises that foster a true appreciation of arts, and allow all participants to show their creative side.  He is a dynamic presenter with a great sense of humor.  He is able to get everyone engaged and excited about art and cultural activities in our town – a true treasure!

– Stephanie Gotard, Executive Director, Leadership Huntington Foundation

John Coraor is a consummate professional whose knowledge of art museum operations and governance is comprehensive.  As Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Heckscher Museum of Art, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Coraor who was a member of the Museum’s Board of Trustees.  For nearly ten years, I witnessed his exceptional skills at communicating his knowledge with his fellow Board members.  Indeed, he did so in a fashion that garnered great respect.

– Michael W. Schantz, Ph.D., Executive Director & CEO, Heckscher Museum of Art.

I have worked closely with John over the past few years at the Heckscher Museum where we have both served as board members and as members of the governance committee.  Most recently, John has served as chair of the governance committee.  John is a team player.  He works well with others to achieve the best results for the institution.  John is smart and organized.  When challenges are presented, John is able to balance competing issues and priorities in order to present rational choices on how to best approach those challenges.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, John has solid values and exercises good judgment.  For that reason I fully trust John’s well-balanced decision-making skills.

– Jed Albert, Partner, Farrell Fritz P.C.

Some professionals have experience, some have knowledge – John has a mix of both!  To help our museum reshape itself to better serve the community, John has been influential as a part of our strategic planning process.  His clear-cut critical recommendations, attention to detail, patience when listening to others, integrity, and optimism helped lead to a carefully tailored plan that fostered real progress at our museum.  His wealth of knowledge – and ability to articulate and mediate – should not be underestimated.  With his mindfulness of the role the nonprofit world plays, he has continued to help our museum grow and remain vibrant over the years by sharing insights in cultural participation trends and real world experience.

– Nomi Dayan, Executive Director, The Whaling Museum & Education Center

I have worked with John for almost twenty years on various municipal and not-for-profit issues.  John’s insight on the legal requirements of not-for-profit governance issues – as well as the real world implications of those requirements – has always been helpful and much apprecaited.  His guidance is invaluable.

– Robert C. Hughes, Esq., Huntington Town Historian

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