MISSION:  We empower cultural agencies and their leadership to better fulfill their missions.

VISION:  A world in which knowledge of the past and an appreciation for the arts enrich our lives and inform our vision for a better future, as capably led and dynamic cultural organizations help society make that vision a reality.


  • EXCELLENCE – Consistently meet exacting professional standards utilizing best practices.
  • INTEGRITY – Offer honest professional advice and assessment and honor our commitments.
  • DISCRETION – Respect the confidentiality of all client information
  • INCLUSION – Value every person’s viewpoint and encourage diverse perspectives.
  • CREATIVITY – Encourage creativity within every organization, program, and individual.

John Coraor at his deskJohn E. Coraor, Ph.D., Founder & Chief Consultant

John brings more than 35 years of experience in arts and cultural agencies –spanning non-profit, university, and municipal government settings – to his work as founder and chief consultant of Cultural Management Partners LLC. As a senior professional in the field, he has served in a variety of leadership capacities in various professional associations, government committees & commissions, and on the Boards of selected non-profit organizations.  Founding of a cultural management consulting company has provided him with the opportunity to utilize his knowledge and expertise to benefit a broader range of cultural organizations and agencies.

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