Cultural Management Partners LLC Presents at Annual Cortland Recreation Conference

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Responding to an invitation from the 68th Annual Cortland Recreation Conference, Cultural Management Partners’ Chief Consultant Dr. John E. Coraor presented “Putting Art in the Park: Cooperative Approaches to Public Art” at a Conference session on November 1st.

In commenting on the purpose of the recent session, Dr. Coraor observed that, “The design and installation of public art is becoming an increasingly common method for enhancing quality of life in our communities through creative placemaking. Whether through the use of artists in designing unique elements of our community infrastructure (e.g. artist-designed gateways, fences, benches, plazas, and playgrounds) or through installation of more traditional “stand alone” artworks, this growing presence of public art is frequently finding a home in our public parks. Parks and Recreation professionals will benefit from a better understanding of the nature and scope of such artistic enhancements, as well as operational knowledge of different artist selection processes, approaches to the installation of public art, prospective collaborative community partners, and options for matching these various components to available resources and project goals.”

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